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Summary of Gabrielle Union s You Got Anything Stronger

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Please note: This is a companion version & not the original book. Book Preview: #1 After my book came out, I began to receive comments about why I didn’t go the surrogacy route. I felt like I was being asked to accept my body’s failures. I had been diagnosed with adenomyosis one year before, with the gag being that I’d had it since my early twenties. #2 I had come off the pill in my early twenties, and had been prescribed birth control to regulate my period. But it caused the absence of a period, which many people mistake for their regulated period. I was never correctly diagnosed or treated for my endometriosis. #3 I was not ready to do surrogacy, so I continued to try and conceive on my own. I wanted the experience of being pregnant, and I wanted my heart to be in sync with the baby’s. I envied how pregnant people were revered and loved upon. #4 I was fighting with my husband about what was best for my body, when he told me that he wanted me, but that we had lost too much in our relationship for him to be okay with encouraging me to do one more thing to my body and soul.

You Got Anything Stronger

Author : Gabrielle Union
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Included in Time's 100 Must Read Books of 2021 list * A New York Times Best Seller * One of Audible's Best of The Year * AV Club's Best Books to Buy “Funny, tender, and so good.” — Mindy Kaling, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Why Not Me? Remember when we hit it off so well that we decided We’re Going to Need More Wine? Well, this time you and I are going to turn to our friend the bartender and ask, You Got Anything Stronger? I promise to continue to make you laugh, but with this round, the stakes get higher as the conversation goes deeper. So. Where were we? Right, you and I left off in October 2017, when my first book came out. The weeks before were filled with dreams of loss. Pets dying. My husband leaving me. Babies not being born. My therapist told me it was my soul preparing for my true self to emerge after letting go of my grief. I had finally spoken openly about my fertility journey. I was having second thoughts—in fact, so many thoughts they were organizing to go on strike. But I knew I had to be honest because I didn’t want other women going through IVF to feel as alone as I did. I had suffered in isolation, having so many miscarriages that I could not give an exact number. Strangers shared their own journeys and heartbreak with me. I had led with the truth, and it opened the door to compassion. When I released We’re Going to Need More Wine, the response was so great people asked when I would do a sequel. The New York Times even ran a headline reading “We’re Going to Need More Gabrielle Union.” Frankly, after being so open and honest in my writing, I wasn’t sure there was more of me I was ready to share. But life happens with all its plot twists. And new stories demand to be told. This time, I need to be more vulnerable—not so much for me, but anyone who feels alone in what they’re going through. A lot has changed in four years—I became a mom and I’m raising two amazing girls. My husband retired. My career has expanded so that I have the opportunity to lift up other voices that need to be heard. But the world has also shown us that we have a lot we still have to fight for—as women, as black women, as mothers, as aging women, as human beings, as friends. In You Got Anything Stronger?, I show you how this ever-changing life presents challenges, even as it gives me moments of pure joy. I take you on a girl’s night at Chateau Marmont, and I also talk to Isis, my character from Bring It On. For the first time, I truly open up about my surrogacy journey and the birth of Kaavia James Union Wade. And I take on racist institutions and practices in the entertainment industry, asking for equality and real accountability. You Got Anything Stronger? is me at my most vulnerable. I have recently found true strength in that vulnerability, and I want to share that power with you here, through this book.

Have You Got Anything Stronger

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Have You Got Anything Stronger? is a sharp and furiously funny novel about being married with two children and having a husband whose tits are bigger than yours. Follow a year in the life of four good friends as they navigate husbands, lovers, children, careers (what's left of them) and question their harassed realities. Why did they get married? Do they like their children? Does lemon in your vodka tonic count as one of your five a day? Will they ever get a bloody break? For fans of Why Mummy Drinks and Bridget Jones's Diary, this book will resonate with women who, between running late for playdates, meetings and Ocado deliveries, have realised that the hamster wheel never stops turning, and it may be too late to crash out.


Author : Stoney Burke
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"Stoney Burke is also the author of 'The Tin Box'. He is retired and living the dream. He presently resides in Skippack ,Pennsylvania. He is the father of four, and the grandfather of five."

Evil Is Everywhere

Author : Carroll Ward
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The Haunted Shore

Author : Neil Spring
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'A spooky and unsettling tale about strangers, love and deceit' Sunday Express 'A creepy tale' Daily Mail 'A story about retribution, deceit, and guilt about allowing strangers to care for loved ones - as well as a hint of the supernatural' Sun When Lizzy moves to a desolate shore to escape her past, she hopes to find sanctuary. But a mysterious stranger is waiting for her, her father's carer, and when darkness falls, something roams this wild stretch of beach, urging Lizzy to investigate its past. The longer she stays, the more the shore's secrets begin to stir. Secrets of a sea that burned, of bodies washed ashore -- and a family's buried past reaching into the present. And when Lizzy begins to suspect that her father's carer is a dangerous imposter with sinister motives, a new darkness rises. What happens next is everyone's living nightmare . . . From the bestselling author of The Ghost Hunters and The Lost Village, The Haunted Shore is a terrifying tale of suspense that does not let up until the last page is turned. 'Imbued with addiction, loss, regret and the fallibility of memory . . . a perfect read for the Halloween season and beyond' Starburst 'Perfect chiller-thriller for autumn nights' Lancashire Evening Post

The Human Target 2021 4

Author : Tom King
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With eight days left to solve his own murder, Christopher Chance tracks down his next suspect. His murderer couldn’t be Blue Beetle…could it?

Caked in Dust

Author : Mel A ROWE
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A shy kitchenhand. A sultry ex-fireman. And a town’s tradition is about to be tested… There’ll be no escaping her reputation now, not when Lucy’s hopes of running her own kitchen are derailed by the new guy, Jax. In minutes, he’s managed to stir up the locals and condemn an institution—leaving Lucy jobless! Bound by a promise to bury his past, Jax’s outback survival is off to an uneasy start as he tries to renovate a deserted farmhouse the wildlife has claimed as their own. In need of help, Jax volunteers to assist Lucy as she tries to flip her fried reputation via a crazy-train of trials. In return, she’ll guide him as they explore the boundaries of family, friendship, and his land. A land that hides a secret Lucy is entrusted to keep. A secret that stands between her dreams and the man she loves… From the bestselling author of the much-adored Elsie Creek Series, the romantic adventure continues in this fun, tasty test of trust, love, and dusty outback traditions, revealing that the perfect recipe for happiness in the home is much bigger than a house—it’s a town. **The Elsie Creek Series can be enjoyed as a standalone or beautifully binged in order** Are you ready to Escape to a HAPPILY EVER AFTER?

The Distance Between

Author : Timothy J. Hillegonds
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At eighteen years old, with no high school diploma, a growing rap sheet, and a failed relationship with his estranged father, Timothy J. Hillegonds took a one-way flight from Chicago to Colorado in hopes of leaving his mounting rage and frustration behind. His plan was simple: snowboard, hang out, live an uncomplicated life. The Distance Between chronicles how Hillegonds’s plan went awry after he immediately jumped head first into a turbulent relationship with April, a Denny’s coworker and single mother. At once passionate and volatile, their relationship was fueled by vodka, crystal methamphetamine, and poverty—and it sometimes became violent. Mere months after moving to the mountains, when the stakes felt like they couldn’t be higher, Hillegonds learned April was pregnant with his child. More than just a harrowing story of addiction and abuse or a simple mea culpa, The Distance Between is a finely wrought exploration of, and reckoning with, absent fathers, fatherhood, violence, adolescent rage, white male privilege, and Hillegonds’s own toxic masculinity. With nuance and urgency, The Distance Between takes readers through the grit of life on the margins while grappling with the problematic nature of one man’s existence.

Report of the Senate Vice Committee

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