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You Make a Difference Every Day

Author : Xangelle Creations
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Are you A World Changer? Do you plan to change the world? Do you know someone who makes a difference in the world? Do you know someone who makes a difference, every day? Let this notebook be a daily reminder of your potential to change the world. This note book would also make an incredible gift to acknowledge that someone is making a difference. There are lots of people in your life who make a difference; people like teachers, teaching assistants, special education assistants, resource teachers, principals, counselors, doctors, nurses, librarians, Sunday school teachers, big sisters, Behaviour Interventionists, Behavior Consultants, a friend, mother, grandmother, aunt; the possibilities are endless. Show your gratitude with this beautiful token of appreciation. This journal is 6"x9" and has 100 sheets of crisp, white, college lined paper. The soft cover has a gorgeous glossy finish and holds up beautifully, for daily use.

It s Hard to Make a Difference When You Can t Find Your Keys

Author : Marilyn Byfield Paul
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Overbooking? Running late? Feeling overwhelmed by clutter and to-dos? Management consultant Dr. Marilyn Paul guides you on a path to personal change that will bring true relief from the pain and stress of disorganization. Unlike other books on getting organized, It’s Hard to Make a Difference When You Can’t Find Your Keys offers a clear seven-step path to personal development that is comprehensive in nature. Drawing on her own experience as a chronically disorganized person, Paul adds warmth, insight, humor, and hope to this manual for change and self-discovery. She introduces the notion of becoming “organized enough” to live a far more rewarding life and make the difference that is most important to you.

Corruption in the Twenty First Century

Author : Vincent E. Green
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For many people, corruption is a sound bite on the evening news. The reality is that corruption is more akin to a parasite, slowly drawing the lifeblood from a society. In Corruption in the Twenty-First Century, author Vincent E. Green shares firsthand insight into the effects of corruption and shows how it is not a victimless crime. Green—someone who has fought corruption in New York City for more than thirty years and used the lessons he learned there internationally—here provides a history of corruption and its widespread effects. He explains how it occurs, what an investigation should look like, why we should care, and what strategies and tools can be implemented to defeat it. He discusses various corruption cases and describes how the perpetrators were brought to justice. He also details corruption’s negative impact on both the present and the future. Designed to educate, train, and empower, Corruption in the Twenty-First Century arms people with the knowledge necessary to put a stop to corruption, defeat those who prey upon the good works of government, and help those resolved to work for the good of the people.

What If changing What We Think Can Change Our World

Author : Karen McMahon
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Make a Difference

Author : Melvin L. Cheatham
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Dr. Mel Cheatham, a successful neurosurgeon with a thriving private practice, found himself at the age of fifty feeling empty. He had it all. And yet he knew something was missing-the peace and joy that comes from showing God's love to others. Then one day he heard Franklin Graham speak about the desperate need for doctors in developing countries, and in that message, Mel heard God speaking directly to his heart. He gave up a private neurosurgery practice and devoted himself to full-time medical relief work and evangelism projects in developing and war-torn countries. Mel Cheatham found out what it means to Make a Difference. In Make a Difference, Mel shares the stories of dozens of people who have risked it all to gain what they cannot lose-people who learned to listen to God and respond to His call to love the world. You'll read about: Karen Daniels, a 31-year-old nurse from British Columbia who heard God calling her to minister through her medical skills in wartorn Sudan, where temperatures often reach 115 degrees and the only "bathrooms" are pit latrines dug in the ground. Marianne Morton, who donated a kidney to a neighbor she barely knew, a Jewish man who was being kept alive only through daily dialysis. Through these and many other stories, and through the use of Scripture, Melvin will help you listen to God's still, small voice, calling you to make a difference, to show His love to a world in need.

You Were Made to Make a Difference

Author : Max Lucado
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Want to change the world? Did you know You Were Made to Make a Difference? This adaptation of Outlive Your Life for teens offers practical tips youth can take out into their community to make a difference, plus real-life stories about those who have done just that. Teens learn that God can use them to make a difference right now. He wants to use them today, without waiting for them to be older, stronger, richer, or even more “together.” God can use their minds, their spirits, and their hands and feet to make permanent change for His kingdom. Also included are valuable resources, interesting facts about the needy in the world and how little it takes to make a big difference, and other interactive elements such as journaling opportunities for writing personal ideas and service goals. Teens will learn that their role in life is bigger than themselves, and that they’re not too young to make a difference for God. Meets national education standards.

The Power of Middle School

Author : Keen J. Babbage
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The middle school years are a maze of academic duties, human growth and self-development, discovering self identity, and increasing social interaction with other people. This maze can be an adventure of achievement and opportunity, or it can be a struggle of difficulty and disappointment. By discussing the comprehensive roles and duties of school administrators, counselors, and teachers, The Power of Middle School addresses how to maximize middle school curriculum and extra-curricular activities for the academic, personal, and professional benefits of all students.

Everyday Ubuntu

Author : Mungi Ngomane
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Foreword by Archbishop Desmond Tutu Mungi Ngomane, granddaughter of Nobel Peace Prize–winner Archbishop Desmond Tutu, offers an introduction to ubuntu, the Southern African philosophy that celebrates the universal human bond in this beautiful definitive guide, illustrated with full-color photos and filled with lessons on how to live harmoniously with all people. “This book will open your eyes, mind and heart to a way of being in the world that will make our world a better and more caring one.—Archbishop Desmond Tutu Ubuntu is a Xhosa word originating from a South African philosophy that encapsulates all our aspirations about how to live life well, together. It is the belief in a universal human bond: I am only because you are. And it means that if you are able to see everyone as fully human, connected to you by their humanity, you will never be able to treat others as disposable or without worth. By embracing the philosophy of ubuntu and living it out in daily life it’s possible to overcome division and be stronger together in a world where the wise build bridges, not walls. These 14 lessons from the Rainbow Nation are an essential toolkit to helping us all to live better, together. In stories that recognize our common humanity, our connectedness and interdependence, Everyday Ubuntu helps to make sense of the world and our place in it. Exploring ideas of kindness and forgiveness, tolerance and the power of listening, it shows how we can all benefit from embracing others. Including practical applications and mindful exercises, it is an inspirational guide to a more fulfilling life as part of the large family to which we all belong.

Troubles Come to Make You Stronger on the Way up to Success

Author : Gigi A. Gates
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Troubles come but You take control and Change your Circumstances There will be times in your life when troubles come but it is up to you to know for yoursself that trouble will not last always. You have to believe in Gods word and know that you are already the person God has ordained you to be. This transformation will take place in how you think, walk and talk. You will be more confident in you and the accomplishments you have made and the ones that are on the way. Gigi wants to help you develop yourself as the person God has designed you to be. By sharing with you her life experieces that have gotten her on the road to SUCCESS. She hopes this guide will convince readers to put God first; believe His word; believe in themselves and enjoy a rewarding and fulfilled life. In life there are lessons to learn. It is up to you to learn something out of your circumstances.

12 Small Acts to Save Our World

Author : WWF
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_______________________________ — Ever wanted to save the world? — It’s easy to feel like we can’t make a difference. But small, easy actions, if taken by enough people, can move mountains – and save planets. Written in collaboration with leading environmental experts from WWF, this short book provides simple changes we can all make to our everyday lives, from morning to night. These aren’t the only things you can do. Nor are they things you have to do. But these 12 small acts are basic steps anybody can take, and if even one of them sticks, our children will inherit a better world. Acts like: – Turning off devices instead of leaving them on standby – Buying less cotton clothing (a T-shirt needs 2,400 litres of water to make!) – Using reusable straws when possible – Turning off the tap while you brush your teeth will take only moments, but if enough people commit to them, we can make a real difference to our planet. _______________________________ 'Now really is the time to act. You don’t have to be a superhero – everyone can make a difference by following this book’ – Ben Fogle

Be It Every Day

Author : Joshua Ritter
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On her first day of school, Sylvie meets an unusual teacher who asks the class what they want to be when they grow up. While many of the students have their hopes and dreams all worked out, Sylvie just isn t sure. But when a powerful storm strikes the town and destroys the house of her best friend, Franky, she realizes what it is she wants to do. Will Sylvie be able to enroll her community in making her vision come true? Will the town be willing to help Franky s family in their time of need? Be It Every Day! is a tale where children access their own abilities to create beautiful results in their community. The interactive workbook section provides a fun and constructive activity that a child can complete with the assistance of their parents, teachers, or other family members. On following Sylvie s exploits and the responses of the adults around her, you will find yourself learning about your own power as your children learn about theirs!

The Essential Guide to Open Source Flash Development

Author : John Grden
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Explore the world of open source Flash and discover which tools are available. Learn how to identify which tool you need and how to best fit it into your workflow. Step-by-step walk-throughs guide you through development with the most popular open source Flash tools. Written by the project leads and open source Flash aficionados. The Essential Guide to Open Source Flash Development is a practical development guide to creating Flash applications with open source Flash tools and workflows. You will walk away with an understanding of what tools will best suit your current situation, making your development easier and more productive, and with the knowledge of how to install and set up some of the best tools available, including the following: Papervision3D: to create 3D in Flash Red5: to stream video over the internet SWX: to build data-driven mashups and mobile apps Fuse: to make ActionScript animation a cinch Go: to build your own animation tools in ActionScript 3.0 haXe: to create Flash files and more AMFPHP: to communicate between Flash and php Open source Flash has been a revolution for Flash and has made a major impact on how people build Flash content. The open source tools available expand on Flash's existing tool set, enabling you to perform such tasks as easily create full 3D in Flash or hook up to an open source video-streaming server. Many of these useful tools are powerful yet lack documentation. this book explains in step-by-step detail how to use the most popular open source Flash tools. If you want to expand your Flash tool set and explore the open source Flash community, then this book is for you. If you already use some open source Flash tools, then you will find this book a useful documentation resource as well as an eye-opener to the other tools that are available.

Another Man Will

Author : Daaimah S. Poole
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Exciting and compelling from the first to the last page. --RT Book Reviews, 4.5 Stars Essence® bestselling author Daaimah S. Poole serves up a sexy tale of three sisters who long for the successful marriage their parents have--and a man as good as their father. But once they stop looking for Mr. Right, surprising things start happening. . . Dana Turner is tired of watching her co-workers get married and wondering what she's missing. . . Single mother Crystal Turner works triple-overtime to give her three children a good life. . . And Yvette Turner's marriage just imploded, taking all her hard-earned money with it. These sisters can't wait any longer for some good black men to sweep them off their feet. It's time to try something new. And once they do, all three will learn that real love comes in different forms--and what one man won't provide, another man will. . . "Poole captivates with her latest page-turner." –RT Book Reviews "A definite must read." --Candice Dow on Somebody Else's Man "Colorful. . .if you love scandal, this is the book for you!" --Anna J on A Rich Man's Baby "A voice of her generation." –Black Issues Book Review

Make Every Day Father s Day

Author : Theodore Wentz
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This was to be a book about a woman who literally gave her life to her children by helping to raise a number of her own siblings after the deaths of her parents by age sixteen. She then went on to raise all of her children by herself, but since her death in March of 2003, I've decided to write about the benefits of raising three of her grandchildren to complete her legacy. This is a book to help young adults understand that they can achieve their personal goals, be it educationally, personally, and as parents if they attempt to do it right and with good intentions. This book is to remind young adults that having children is a grown up responsibility that is not to be taken lightly. This book also helps young ladies to love and respect themselves, and to not allow themselves to be taken advantage of. It shows young women that you could grow up, get a good education, learn from your mother and father, and marry a mate who loves you and is willing to be there for you. To be responsible parents who are everyday people, it takes commitment, determination, and not to be afraid to listen to those who could help you. It's hard for young adults to listen to those who could help, but as young people, it can only help you make your life better down the road. I'm sure that most young mothers, who decide to give their children up for adoption, wouldn't if they had their children's responsibility. As a young man, I wanted to give to my wife and children the things I didn't get and that my mother and the thing that my mother received, while she was growing up. All young adults have to do is believe in themselves, and I believe this book can help them do that.

Wake UpLive the Life You Love

Author : E. Steven
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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99 Ways to Lead and Succeed

Author : Howard J. Bultinck
File Size : 61.37 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Veteran educators Howard J. Bultinck and Lynn H. Bush draw from their own experiences as principals and teachers to offer school leaders 99 lessons they've learned on the job and in daily life. With this book, principals, other administrators, and teacher leaders have a surefire head start on effective school leadership. 99 Ways to Lead and Succeed: Strategies and Stories for School Leaders provides workable insights on the daily life of a school leader, including ways to handle stress, communication tips, moral and ethnical approaches, and more. This handy guide is for all teacher leaders, principals, and administrators who seek to noticeably improve their personal and professional lives in the context of school leadership.

Secrets of a Make a Difference Life

Author : Ronald P. Hutchcraft
File Size : 66.9 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Do you want to make a greater difference with your life? Are you thinking about the legacy you will leave behind and your impact on the lives of others? All around you every day is the loneliness, the brokenness, and the pain of this world. You are surrounded by anger, depression, selfishness, and pride. You are in such a decisive position in the plan of God because of where He's placed you, just like Nehemiah. God had great plans for Nehemiah's future. He was not a priest, not a king, and not a prophet. He was an ordinary guy who made an extraordinary difference. If you have that restlessness, and if you want to make a far greater difference with the rest of your life, look at Nehemiah and the secrets to a make-a-difference life. God has positioned you where you are for His purpose. Discover the "Secrets of a Make a Difference Life" and begin making a difference for Christ today.

Excellence Every Day

Author : Lior Arussy
File Size : 57.52 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Addressing various levels of the corporate ladder, from customer service to the CEO, this handbook explores "The Excellence Myth," revealing a philosophy of excellence to help individuals and organisations reach their performance potential.

Guiding Children s Social Development and Learning

Author : Marjorie Kostelnik
File Size : 85.63 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Updated with an emphasis on NAEYC and other standards, GUIDING CHILDREN'S SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT AND LEARNING, Eighth Edition, focuses on ways professionals can help children develop both positive feelings about themselves and social competence. Readers will find practical, developmentally appropriate strategies for how to work with children and families from many different backgrounds and circumstances, and in a variety of group settings. And, they'll obtain a unified framework for decision-making and professional practice that incorporates sound principles of children's development, relationship enhancement, and behavior management. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

A superhero cape each

Author : Yngve Roos
File Size : 79.51 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book has been written based on the fact that many authors, creatives and other beautiful minds had ideas that are worth sharing on the one hand, do seldom give an overview of the big picture on the other hand. All of these ideas together consolidate in a great concept that explains why you are who you are, how you can create long term happiness for yourself and what to do explicitly to maintain a fulfilled life. Speaking in a metaphor it allows you to stitch together your own superhero cape. One cape that suits you and helps you to maintain improvement and therefore happiness. The base is the idea that happiness is created when you are improving. Whenever your life gets better, even just a little bit, you will stay happy. It is not about the actual state of where you are, but about the process of progression. But life is very different for every single individual, so you can imagine it`s not that easy. Factors like, how much do you value each area – health (physical), family, career, mental, spiritual, financial or social – of your life play a major role. The foundation of this concept is made of ideas, frameworks, concepts, models and theory that is directed towards a fulfilling life. All of these make sense alone, but put together and carrying the concept of “Happiness is created when you are improving” as the tip of the iceberg, they can really make a difference in your life. The concept serves as an invisible superhero cape, which you will be able to put around your shoulders once you read through – but be careful: No flying, cars driving through you or endless strength.