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You Re Not the Boss of Me

Author : Alma C. Lightbody
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As we age and grow from the time we are born we become pulled into the net of should, dont and cant. We lose the true nature of ourselves as the picture of our personality is painted by others. At some point, we must take back our lives and awaken the possibilities that have been long buried. In Youre Not the Boss of Me, author Alma C. Lightbody provides a one-step-at-a-time guide to help you see your life from a new perspective. Using personal examples from her own life, Lightbody shows you how to take responsibility for your choices, find your own truth about what really matters to you and stand up for what you believe. This manual presents definitions and information about how influences from various stages in your life imprint and mould your personality and discusses how your body speaks to and communicates with you. It can also help you to understand the energetic and physical systems that support you, as well as guide you through the charts of possibilities. Youre Not the Boss of Me leads you to think your own thoughts and have your own opinions to help you be healthy and happy.

Candace Says You re Not the Boss of Me

Author : Lynda C. Wade
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You’re Not the Boss of Me” is one of Candace’s favorite things to say. She is a sassy little girl that enjoys life, but loves to have things her way. Don’t get in her way for she is sure to have the last say! Happy reading!

You re Not the Boss of Me

Author : Ruth Ker
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The change in children between roughly six and seven years old is significant, and can be challenging for parents, teachers and educators.This comprehensive book offers a multitude of resources and insights to help with the transformation. It is packed with research, anecdotes, study material, ideas for working in the classroom, examples of age-appropriate stories, verses, games, and much more. Parents, teachers, and therapists -- anyone who lives or works with children who are going through the change of teeth -- will find inspiration, encouragement and insight in this volume.

You re Not the Boss of Me My Brittany Is

Author : Boss Dog
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Author : S.C. Stephens
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When the band hits it big, Kiera and Kellan must ask themselves if their love can survive the pressures of superstardom. The friendships they've formed and the new family they've found, the history they've built together will all come together to help them figure out if their relationship can triumph over the trials of the band's exploding popularity. A starlet who will do anything to get ahead - including throw Kiera under a bus - and the reappearance of Denny, Kiera's former boyfriend, are just two of the obstacles the lovers must overcome to be together forever. But if they can survive, their love will blossom like never before.

Raising Kids with Love and Limits

Author : Julie Barnhill
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Popular speaker and author Julie Barnhill challenges women to parent with confidence, authority, and love. A MOPS book.

Off Color

Author : Janet McDonald
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Spunky and headstrong, Cameron blasts music, challenges adults, and cuts class when she feels like it. She lives with her single mom in Brooklyn and hangs out with best friends Amanda, P, and Crystal. Life in their working-class neighborhood is pretty cool until Cameron's mother suddenly loses her job and can no longer afford the rent. Move to public housing? YG2BK! But no one's kidding, and Cameron finds herself living in the projects. Can a white girl from across town hope to be accepted by the black girls in the projects? A revelation from the past forces Cameron to confront a startling truth that just might put things in perspective . . . that is, if Cameron can handle it. Hilarious, surprising, and defiantly candid, Off-Color is a thought-provoking and thoroughly entertaining new novel from Janet McDonald. Hip and wise, the author grabs the readers and doesn't let go.

The Mealworm Diaries

Author : Anna Kerz
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Mealworms are small creatures that live in dark secret places. Jeremy is a bit like that when he leaves his home in rural Nova Scotia and moves to Toronto with his mother. Lots of things keep him from enjoying his new life, but the worst is his science partner, Aaron, who is more annoying than sand in a bathing suit. Jeremy is also burdened by the secret he carries about the motorcycle accident that injured him and killed his father. Although Jeremy is haunted by his past, he starts to feel at home in Toronto when he realizes he has some skills he can share with his classmates. And when his mealworm project yields some surprising results, Jeremy is finally able to talk about his part in the fatal accident.

Take Me in Your Arms

Author : Judy Lynn Hubbard
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The sweetest surrender Casual comes easy to Angela Brown. Her three-dates-max rule lets her have fun without getting burned again. But now Cameron Stewart is back in her life. The high-flying corporate lawyer is the one man who answers a deep need within her. No woman could resist his hot, sultry, sensual assault—and Angela doesn't intend to try. She just won't let it go beyond the physical. It's not enough for Cam to get Angela into his bed. They're perfect for each other, and he's sure she knows it, too. And when she's evasive, Cam's persuasive, chipping away at her defenses. One tender, soulful seduction at a time, he'll coax her out of her shell—and into his waiting, loving arms….

Lord It s Me Again

Author : Wayne Cosper
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It seems we seldom know what we should say when we pray; we only know we need to talk to our Lord. When we ask God for direction and allow Him to lead everything—including our prayer lives—we can rest in the knowing that we will be closer to our Lord each day. This book is written by a man that has asked God to help him pray—nothing glamorous, just simple, heartfelt, and tearful prayer.