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Humaniqueness the Gift of Your Inner God

Author : Glauco Ortolano
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HUMANIQUENESS is a thought provoking response to contemporary scientific theories that claim to have found the missing link between humans and aquatic species that lived billions of years ago. Glauco Ortolano writes an inspirational book linking humans to a more divine heritage instead. From a poem written by Vicente Huidobro, an early 20th Century Chilean poet, Ortolano builds a fascinating paradigm to enlighten the reader on how we became the only species to have been endowed with the gift of both oral and written languages. "We are small gods, not evolved fish" affirms Ortolano. "Humaniqueness" is a must read to anyone interested in gaining a deeper understanding of what it means to be human and semi-divine. It will bring you into full realization of our unique faculties, gifts, and destiny as a species.


Author : Carmina Harr
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I can certainly state that writing can change your life. It is one of the therapies I practised and it had very good results. That is how I began to write the book. Initially, out of impulse. Afterwards, I realized how much it helped me writing everything I felt in my heart. The miracle offered by writing is that you get the answers to all your questions. Those questions to which only your heart can answer. Once you find answers to everything you did not even think you would come up with solutions, you are absolutely healed. I feel that only a person completely healed can help the others. The rest is just dust in the wind. The message of the book is practically beyond words. If you open yourself, the God within you will write with your own hand everything your mind would not even think possible. A few words about me. Following my inner transformation, I have become what I am now. What are the fundamental features that define me? I am a determined woman, very active. I relish the experiences full of action. I always know what I want and where I want to get. I act for what I want. I am an expansive woman, full of life. I attract people around me by the intelligence and refinement I have. I am attracted to powerful persons with a sparkling intelligence. I have spiritual aspirations and I have the spontaneous quality of leading those around me on the path of self-discovery.

Your Inner Eve

Author : The Reverend Dr. Susan Newman
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In the refreshingly candid Oh God!, the Reverend Dr. Susan Newman–a United Church of Christ minister and senior adviser for religious affairs to the mayor of Washington, D.C.–showed African American women of faith how to reconcile their spiritual and sexual selves. Now, in this empowering new book, written with her accessible blend of comforting straight talk and down-to-earth humor, Dr. Newman encourages you to discover your “Inner Eve”–the “original you” that embodies the feminine expression of God’s Spirit. This Inner Eve is the keeper of self-esteem, intuition, and creative nature. She is your best self, your champion, your protector. She is not afraid, she is not ashamed; she is strong and vital to your well-being. As Dr. Newman reveals, negative feelings such as emptiness, self-doubt, and self-hatred can be overcome by nurturing and strengthening your Inner Eve. An awakened Inner Eve inspires women to take action, improve their lives, and find their voice. Emboldened by the Inner Eve, women can see how their gifts can change their life–and the world around them.

God s RX for Inner Healing Biblical Wisdom Confirmed by Science

Author : James P. Gills
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"What is God's Rx for your inner healing? Inner healing is the healing of the mind and spirit. But what is God's Rx for your inner healing? God's Word tells us that we need to be transformed and aligned through Christ in order to be the recipient of all that He is. Alignment with Him is the path toward healing. Discover how to remove the roadblocks to inner healing such as: Pride Envy Jealousy Fear Remove these roadblocks and find freedom by renewing your heart and mind through forgiveness, prayer, and fellowship with others. Join James Gills, MD, to discover that spiritual alignment is indeed God's Rx for Inner Healing. FEATURES AND BENEFITS: A list of scriptures pertaining to fear, worry, anxiety, healing, health, wholeness, gratitude, peace, joy, hope, and more"--

Experiences of the inner life lessons from its duties joys and conflicts a sequel to The soul s life

Author : Edward Garbett
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Daily Food for the Inner Man

Author : Daily food
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Thoughts for the inner life

Author : Jessie Coombs
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Percolating Power

Author : Melissa Brown
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Percolating Power: “Brewing Your Inner Warrior” is a thirty-day devotional about: personal life, how to overcome inner struggles while living everyday abundant life with God’s true Word and a great cup of coffee. Percolating Power is about finding hope, freedom, belief in God, belief in yourself, and learning how to wholeheartedly trust God. Allow your inner warrior out; stomp on the enemy’s head, destroy strongholds, and peacefully rest in God’s grace, mercy, and freedom.

The inner life of Christ as revealed in the Gospel of Matthew 3 vols

Author : Joseph Parker
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For God So Loved the Inner City

Author : Phil Mortensen
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The ministry of Phil and Fran Mortensen challenges God's people to be more effectively involved in inner-city ministries. (Christian)

Poems from the Inner Life

Author : Lizzie Doten
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Poems from the Inner Life

Author : Elizabeth Doten
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The Quiver

Author :
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V. 12 contains: The Archer...Christmas, 1877.

Win Your War

Author : Mark Driscoll
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You're already in a war. It's time to fight. This book will equip you with tools to protect the five fronts of spiritual battle: your relationship with God, your identity, your family and friends, your church, and the world. Win Your War is a practical marriage, parenting, and relationship book that is grounded in the Word of God and focused on recognizing Satan's role in your life. Mark and Grace Driscoll help you understand the power Jesus gives you to overcome the enemy's attacks. Mark and Grace Driscoll look at the nature of spiritual warfare in response to Adam and Eve. God has a kingdom where His people are governed by the Spirit. Satan has the world, where his people are governed by the flesh. Spiritual warfare is the battle between these two realities in everything, including our identity, temptation, gender, marriage, and emotional well-being. Some years ago Mark Driscoll preached on the Book of Genesis and discovered an unexpected theme about spiritual warfare that works itself out in all of human history: the storyline of the Bible is that there is first a wedding and then a war. Satan did not show up until a man and woman were married and had a ministry call on their lives. The first thing he did was attack marriage and separate men and women. After reading this book, you will uncover the five fronts of spiritual battle: your relationship with God, your identity, your family and friends, your church, and the world. Also Available in Spanish ISBN-13: 978-1-62999-259-4 E-Book ISBN: 978-1-62999-260-0 OTHER TITLE BY MARK DRISCOLL Spirit-Filled Jesus (2018) ISBN: 978-1629995229

The inner life of p re Lacordaire of the Order of preachers tr by a religious of the same order A T Drane

Author : Bernard Chocarne
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Enfolded in God s Arms

Author : Lisa Are Wulf
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Embrace your inner healing! Transformation and hope await you in this award-winning 40-day devotional for women. Be refreshed and renewed as God restores the wounded places in your soul.

The Inner Life Its Nature Relapse and Recovery

Author : Octavius Winslow
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Thoughts from the Inner Life

Author : Daniel E. Bailey
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Hymns of the inner life of the Christian or Spiritual songs by E Culver

Author : Edwin Culver
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Where dwellest thou Or The inner home

Author : Maria Louisa Charlesworth
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