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Your Name Is Hughes Hannibal Shanks

Author : Lela Knox Shanks
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Your Name Is Hughes Hannibal Shanks is Lela Knox Shanks’s personal account of caring for her husband, Hughes, in their home after he was stricken with Alzheimer’s disease. Lela describes her initial denial, her discovery of coping skills, her eventual acceptance of his illness, and her ultimate recognition that the key to successful caregiving lies in never losing sight of the patient’s humanness. The book outlines twenty coping and survival strategies to guide caregivers to untapped inner resources and shows caregiving’s intangible rewards of increased self-respect and self-knowledge.

Better Nutrition

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Reaching nearly 1 million readers monthly, Better Nutrition celebrates 70 years as a leading in-store distributed magazine for health conscious consumers. Widely distributed to thousands of health-food stores and grocery chains across the country, Better Nutrition provides authoritative, well-researched information on food nutrition, dietary concerns, supplements and other natural products.

Voices Of Alzheimer s

Author : Elisabeth Peterson
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Betsy Peterson spent fourteen years caring for her husband who was suffering from dementia, an experience that put her in touch with others inside the struggle to have or to care for someone with the disease. A combination of contributions from patients, their families, friends, and caregivers, Voices of Alzheimer's gathers the poignant stories, funny quotes, and priceless encouragement that Peterson heard and that helped her along the way. Capturing the many dimensions of the Alzheimer experience-the challenges, the struggles, the humor, and even the rewards-aVoices presents a varied, and realistic, look at what it's like to be affected by the disease. With compassion, humor, and grace, it offers the simple advice, wisdom, and understanding of others who have traveled the same uncertain path.

Hospital Land USA

Author : Wendy Simonds
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In Hospital Land USA, Wendy Simonds analyzes the wide-reaching powers of medicalization: the dynamic processes by which medical authorities, institutions, and ideologies impact our everyday experiences, culture, and social life. Simonds documents her own Hospital Land adventures and draws on a wide range of U.S. cultural representations — from memoirs to medical mail, from hospital signs to disaster movies — in order to urge critical thinking about conventional notions of care, health, embodiment, identity, suffering, and mortality. This book is intended for general readers, medical practitioners, undergraduate and graduate students in courses on medical sociology, medicine, medical ethics, nursing, public health, carework, visual culture, cultural studies, and gerontology.

Self Senility and Alzheimer s Disease in Modern America

Author : Jesse F. Ballenger
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Ballenger's work contributes to our understanding of the emergence and significance of dementia as a major health issue.


Author : Gayatri Devi
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A leading Alzheimer's expert presents a comprehensive program to help prevent and slow the progress of memory loss. There are currently more than four million Americans afflicted with Alzheimer's, and an estimated 14 million will have the disease by 2050. The good news is that everyone can make lifestyle changes to increase the odds that they will live well into old age with their mental faculties intact. Dr. Devi's groundbreaking program can help prevent the disease from developing and slow memory loss in those already suffering from the illness. By taking an active role in the management of the disease and through a combination of medication, natural hormone therapies, mental exercises, cognitive rehabilitation, and nutritional and herbal supplements, it is possible to slow the effects of this debilitating condition and improve the quality of life.

Talking to Alzheimer s

Author : Claudia Strauss
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Alzheimer's can have a devastating impact on a patient's close relationships and all too often, family members and friends feel so uncomfortable that they end up dreading visits, or simply give up trying to stay in contact with the patient. This book offers a wealth of practical things you can do to stay connected with the Alzheimer's patient in your life. It offers straightforward suggestions and invaluable do's and don'ts, with advice on everything from dealing effectively with the inevitable repetition that occurs in conversations with an Alzheimer's patient to helpful strategies for saying no to unrealistic demands. It also includes thoughtful tips to remind you to take care of your own feelings and suggestions for helping children become comfortable with visiting an Alzheimer's sufferer.

Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development

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Mild Cognitive Impairment and Dementia

Author : Glenn E. Smith
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This book reviews the neuropsychology of common and a few rare neurodegenerative conditions. The mild cognitive impairment prodrome of each condition is highlighted. Chapters include an autopsy-confirmed case presentation from the authors' files, current diagnostic criteria, epidemiology, neuropathology/neurophysiology, genetics, neuroimaging, associated clinical features, differential neuropsychological features and possible interventions.

Occupational Therapy with Aging Adults E Book

Author : Karen Barney
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Look no further for the book that provides the information essential for successful practice in the rapidly growing field of gerontological occupational therapy! Occupational Therapy with Aging Adults is a new, comprehensive text edited by OT and gerontological experts Karen Frank Barney and Margaret Perkinson that takes a unique interdisciplinary and collaborative approach in covering every major aspects of geriatric gerontological occupational therapy practice. With 30 chapters written by 70 eminent leaders in gerontology and OT, this book covers the entire continuum of care for the aging population along with special considerations for this rapidly growing demographic. This innovative text also covers topical issues spanning the areas of ethical approaches to treatment; nutrition and oral health concerns; pharmacological issues; low vision interventions; assistive technology supports; and more to ensure readers are well versed in every aspect of this key practice area. UNIQUE! Intraprofessional and interprofessional approach to intervention emphasizes working holistically and collaboratively in serving older adults. Case examples help you learn to apply new information to actual patient situations. Questions at the end of each chapter can be used for discussion or other learning applications. Chapter on evidence-based practice discusses how to incorporate evidence into the clinical setting. Chapter on ethics provides a deeper understanding of how to address challenging ethical dilemmas. UNIQUE! Chapter on the wide range of physiological changes among the aging patient population highlights related occupational performance issues. UNIQUE! Chapter on oral health explores the challenges faced by older adults.

New Hope for People with Alzheimer s and Their Caregivers

Author : Porter Shimer
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Discover New Ways to Cope with Alzheimer's Now all those impacted by Alzheimer's disease can improve their quality of life, starting today. This helpful book dispels the myths and clearly lays out the truth about Alzheimer's and offers practical solutions for not only those who have the disease, but also their families and their caregivers. Inside, you'll uncover a new world of hope and the latest information on: ·The signs, symptoms, and proper diagnosis of Alzheimer's ·Living with Alzheimer's and providing the best possible care ·Cutting-edge research, including advances in biotechnology and genetics ·The latest conventional drugs and effective natural treatments, such as Ginkgo biloba and huperzine-A ·And much, much more!

The Encyclopedia of Alzheimer s Disease

Author : Carol Turkington
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In more than 500 entries, The Encyclopedia of Alzheimer's Disease, Second Edition presents a wealth of information on the physical, emotional, and intellectual conditions that affect Alzheimer's sufferers. It also examines the current research on prevention, causes, and treatments, as well as the social issues surrounding the disease. Appendixes include major resources, organizations, helpful books and publications, an extensive bibliography, and a glossary.

Excellence In Dementia Care Research Into Practice

Author : Downs, Murna
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A comprehensive text on dementia care, drawn from research evidence, practice and the experience of people with dementia.

Family Ties and Aging

Author : Ingrid Arnet Connidis
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"At last: a book that melds research on family ties in later life inclusively. Connidis' book is not simply a research compendium but a theoretical synthesis of value to both scholars and students. Connidis' clear writing style makes it an excellent choice for students... I recommend this book both to teachers and researchers in the areas of family and aging." -- JOURNAL OF MARRIAGE AND THE FAMILY Presenting a broad examination of the issues surrounding family ties and aging, this advances textbook provides an integrated and thorough representation of current research in the field. Whereas book on families and aging have traditionally focused on ties to a spouse and to children and grandchildren, Connidis's coverage is more extensive and more reflective of contemporary society. She includes groups and relationships that have typically been neglected, such as single, divorced, and childless older people and their family relationships, as well as sibling relationships among the elderly, live-in partnerships not formalized by marriage, and the family ties forged by gays and lesbians over their life course. Family Ties and Aging weaves the vast range of information we now have about the many facets of family relationships and aging into a critical, comprehensive, and integrated whole.

Dementia and Social Work Practice

Author : Carole B. Cox, PhD
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"Practical coverage of driving, day care, support groups, and respite is particularly welcome. This is a good book to have available, not just for social work faculty and students, but also for those in the health sciences, psychology, and sociology. It will be a useful resource for professionals coping with the increasing problems for family and community that an aging population and the epidemic of Alzheimer's disease bring with them....Recommended. Lower-level undergraduate through professionals/practitioners."--Choice Beyond the immediate and devastating effects dementia can have on individuals and their quality of life are the strains that are placed on the families, caregivers, and communities that support them. Social workers are in a unique position to address all these issues at the same time that they provide care for individuals with dementia. To facilitate the entrance of social workers into this area of care, Carol B. Cox has edited a volume of expert articles on the biological, psychological, and social aspects of dementia. . Readers will learn the latest assessment instruments, as well as how to distinguish between Alzheimer's and non-Alzheimer's dementias. Intervention strategies for every stage of dementia are presented. The effects of culture and diversity on the treatment of persons with dementia are examined, including examples of successful programs from several countries. The benefits and drawbacks of adult day services, community care, and residential care are discussed. Finally, a discussion of the legal, financial, and psychological stresses faced by caregivers of those with dementia rounds out this much needed text.

Caregiving for Alzheimer s Disease and Related Disorders

Author : Steven H. Zarit
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Assisting someone with Alzheimer’s disease or another illness that causes dementia is incredibly demanding and stressful for the family. Like many disabling conditions, Alzheimer’s disease leads to difficulty or inability to carry out common activities of daily life, and so family members take over a variety of tasks ranging from managing the person’s finances to helping with intimate activities such as bathing and dressing. Key coverage in Caregiving for Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders includes: Early diagnosis and family dynamics Emotional needs of caregivers Developmentally appropriate long-term care for people with Alzheimer’s Family caregivers as members of the Alzheimer’s treatment Team Legal and ethical issues for caregivers Faith and spirituality The economics of caring for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease Cultural, racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic issues of minority caregivers Advances in Alzheimer’s disease research Caregiving for Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders offers a wealth of insights and ideas for researchers, practitioners, and graduate students across the caregiving fields, including psychology, social work, public health, geriatrics and gerontology, and medicine as well as public and education policy makers.


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EBONY is the flagship magazine of Johnson Publishing. Founded in 1945 by John H. Johnson, it still maintains the highest global circulation of any African American-focused magazine.

The African American National Biography Roman Tzomes

Author : Henry Louis Gates
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An 8-volume reference set containing over 4,000 entries written by distinguished scholars, 'The African American National Biography' is the most significant and expansive compilation of black lives in print today.


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What s Up Doc

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