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Youth Leadership Training Color

Author : Brian Montague
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African Youth Leadership

Author : Dr. Henry Jembi Samson Lokou
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'African Youth Leadership' lays out plans of how the Young African Generation can understand their vision, mission, status, and action. The new generation will appreciate the effort exerted to make them know and understand how to go about their life in this contemporary world. The book will continue to help individuals and groups discover what the message really means for their lives and countries as well.

Youth Leadership in Sport and Physical Education

Author : D. Hellison
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This book responds to the needs of urban youth by describing youth development principles in physical activity programs. These programs are built on urban kids' assets and promise rather than their deficits. Included are ways of transferring skills from specific programs to everyday settings.

Youth Leadership and the Growth of Personality

Author : Douglas Richmond Sharpe
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Youth Leadership

Author : G. Rasool
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The Youth Leader

Author :
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Cumulative List of Organizations Described in Section 170 c of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954

Author :
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Leadership Resources

Author : Center for Creative Leadership, Greensboro, NC.
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This guide provides over 300 pages of resources suggested by leadership educators in surveys, Center for Creative Leadership staff, and search of library resources. This eighth edition is half-new, including web sites and listserv discussion groups, and it places a stronger focus on meeting the needs of human resources professionals and corporate trainers. An annotated bibliography groups leadership materials in several broad categories: overview; in context; history, biography and literature; competencies; research, theories, and models; training and development; social, global, and diversity issues; team leadership; and organizational leadership (180 pages). Includes annotated lists of: journals and newsletters (9 pages); instruments (21 pages); exercises (41 pages); instrument and exercise vendors (5 pages); videos (29 pages); video distributors (4 pages); web sites (6 pages); organizations (21 pages); and conferences (9 pages). (Contains a 66-page index of all resources.) (TEJ)

The Oxford Handbook of Leadership and Organizations

Author : David V. Day
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The Oxford Handbook of Leadership and Organizations brings together a collection of comprehensive, state-of-the-science reviews and perspectives on the most pressing historical and contemporary leadership issues - with a particular focus on theory and research - and looks to the future of the field.

Gender and Women s Leadership

Author : Karen O'Connor
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This work within The SAGE Reference Series on Leadership provides undergraduate students with an authoritative reference resource on leadership issues specific to women and gender. Although covering historical and contemporary barriers to women's leadership and issues of gender bias and discrimination, this two-volume set focuses as well on positive aspects and opportunities for leadership in various domains and is centered on the 101 most important topics, issues, questions, and debates specific to women and gender. Entries provide students with more detailed information and depth of discussion than typically found in an encyclopedia entry, but lack the jargon, detail, and density of a journal article. Key Features Includes contributions from a variety of renowned experts Focuses on women and public leadership in the American context, women's global leadership, women as leaders in the business sector, the nonprofit and social service sector, religion, academia, public policy advocacy, the media, sports, and the arts Addresses both the history of leadership within the realm of women and gender, with examples from the lives of pivotal figures, and the institutional settings and processes that lead to both opportunities and constraints unique to that realm Offers an approachable, clear writing style directed at student researchers Features more depth than encyclopedia entries, with most chapters ranging between 6,000 and 8,000 words, while avoiding the jargon and density often found in journal articles or research handbooks Provides a list of further readings and references after each entry, as well as a detailed index and an online version of the work to maximize accessibility for today's student audience