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Zola and the Victorians

Author : Eileen Horne
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London, 1888: Jack the Ripper stalks the streets of Whitechapel; national strikes and social unrest threaten the status quo; a grave economic crisis is spreading across the Atlantic . . . Yet Her Majesty's government is preoccupied with "a mere book" - or rather, a series of books: new translations of the Rougon-Macquart saga by French literary giant Émile Zola. In his time, Zola made his British contemporaries look positively pastoral; much of his work is considered shocking and transgressive even now. But it was his English publisher who bore the brunt of the Victorians' moral outrage at Zola's "realistic" depictions of striking miners, society courtesans and priapic, feuding farmers. Seventy years before Lady Chatterley's Lover broke the back of British censorship, Henry Vizetelly's commitment to publishing Zola, and to the nascent principle of free speech, not only landed him in the dock and thereafter in prison, but brought to ruin to the publishing house he had founded. Meanwhile, Zola was going from strength to strength, establishing his reputation as a literary legend and falling in love with a woman half his age. This lively, humorous and ultimately tragic tale is an exploration of the consequences of translation and censorship which remains relevant today for readers, publishers and authors everywhere.

The Victorian Bookshelf

Author : Jess Nevins
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This introductory guide to the canon of Victorian literature covers 61 novels by authors from Jane Austen to Emile Zola. Brief critical essays describe what each book is about and argue for its cultural, historical and literary importance. Literary canons remain a subject of debate but critics, readers and students continue to find them useful as overviews--and examinations--of the great works within a given period or culture. The Victorian canon is particularly rich with splendid novels that educate, enlighten and entertain.

Victorian Literature and the Physics of the Imponderable

Author : Sarah C Alexander
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The Victorians were obsessed with the empirical but were frequently frustrated by the sizeable gaps in their understanding of the world around them. This study examines how literature and popular culture adopted the emerging language of physics to explain the unknown or ‘imponderable’.

Reading and the Victorians

Author : Matthew Bradley
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What did reading mean to the Victorians? This question is the key point of departure for Reading and the Victorians, an examination of the era when reading underwent a swifter and more radical transformation than at any other moment in history. With book production handed over to the machines and mass education boosting literacy to unprecedented levels, the norms of modern reading were being established. Essays examine the impact of tallow candles on Victorian reading, the reading practices encouraged by Mudie's Select Library and feminist periodicals, the relationship between author and reader as reflected in manuscript revisions and corrections, the experience of reading women's diaries, models of literacy in Our Mutual Friend, the implications of reading marks in Victorian texts, how computer technology has assisted the study of nineteenth-century reading practices, how Gladstone read his personal library, and what contemporary non-academic readers might owe to Victorian ideals of reading and community. Reading forms a genuine meeting place for historians, literary scholars, theorists, librarians, and historians of the book, and this diverse collection examines nineteenth-century reading in all its personal, historical, literary, and material contexts, while also asking fundamental questions about how we read the Victorians' reading in the present day.

Narrative Hospitality in Late Victorian Fiction

Author : Rachel Hollander
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Bringing together poststructuralist ethical theory with late Victorian debates about the morality of literature, this book reconsiders the ways in which novels engender an ethical orientation or response in their readers, explaining how the intersections of nation, family, and form in the late realist English novel produce a new ethics of hospitality. Hollander reads texts that both portray and enact a unique ethical orientation of welcoming the other, a narrative hospitality that combines the Victorians’ commitment to engaging with the real world with a more modern awareness of difference and the limits of knowledge. While classic nineteenth-century realism rests on a sympathy-based model of moral relations, novels by authors such as George Eliot, Thomas Hardy, and Olive Schreiner present instead an ethical recognition of the distance between self and other. Opening themselves to the other in their very structure and narrative form, the visited texts both represent and theorize the ethics of hospitality, anticipating twentieth-century philosophy’s recognition of the limits of sympathy. As colonial conflicts, nationalist anxiety, and the intensification of the "woman question" became dominant cultural concerns in the 1870s and 80s, the problem of self and other, known and unknown, began to saturate and define the representation of home in the English novel. This book argues that in the wake of an erosion of confidence in the ability to understand that which is unlike the self, a moral code founded on sympathy gave way to an ethics of hospitality, in which the concept of home shifts to acknowledge the permeability and vulnerability of not only domestic but also national spaces. Concluding with Virginia Woolf’s reexamination of the novel’s potential to educate the reader in negotiating relations of alterity in a more fully modernist moment, Hollanders suggest that the late Victorian novel embodies a unique and previously unrecognized ethical mode between Victorian realism and a post-World- War-I ethics of modernist form.

Popular Victorian Women Writers

Author : Kay Boardman
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Popular Victorian women writers considers a diverse group of women writers within the Victorian literary marketplace. It looks at authors such as Ellen Wood, Mary Braddon, Rhoda Broughton and Charlotte Yonge as well as less well-known writers including Jessie Fothergill and Eliza Meteyard. Each essay sets the individual author within her biographical and literary context and provides refreshing insights into her work. Together they bring the work of largely unknown authors and new perspectives on known authors to critical and public attention. Accessible and informative, the book is ideal for students of Victorian literature and culture as well as tutors and scholars of the period.

The Victorian Conscience

Author : Clarence Raymond Decker
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Victorian Sensations

Author : Kimberly Harrison
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"Wildly popular with Victorian readers, sensation fiction was condemned by most critics for scandalous content and formal features that deviated from respectable Victorian realism. Victorian Sensations is the first collection to examine sensation fiction as a whole, showing it to push genre boundaries and resist easy classification. Comprehensive in scope, this collection includes twenty original essays employing various critical approaches to cover a range of topics that will interest many readers." "Essays are organized thematically into three sections: issues of genre; sensational representations of gender and sexuality; and the texts' complex readings of diverse social and cultural phenomena such as class, race, and empire. The introduction reviews the critical reception of sensation fiction to situate these new essays within a larger scholarly context."--BOOK JACKET.

Victorian Review

Author :
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Erotic Tales of the Victorian Age

Author : Bram Stoker
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Despite rigid moral codes, some nineteenth-century writers flaunted convention by producing erotica published by underground houses and distributed widely, much to the chagrin of religious and political leaders of the Victorian Age. And while today it seems that writing about sexuality is completely uninhibited, it pales in comparison to the steamy and graphic yet romantically inviting and colorful works authored many years ago. The most notorious and lusty stories from the Victorian era have been assembled here in all of their sexual splendor. Readers will want to carry a tissue to dab their brow, or simply read this passionate pillowtalk in the presence of their soulmate! Erotic Tales of the Victorian Age includes selections from the spicy "Eveline" by Anonymous, the story of a resourceful young woman who enjoys teasing various men by letting her hands wander; "My Secret Life" by "Walter", which explores the author's carnal travellog; the lusty "Rosa Fielding" by Anonymous; "Therese Raquin" by Emile Zola; "My Life and Loves" by Frank Harris; the infamous "Venus in India" by Charles Devereaux, describing the author's sexual exploits as a member of the British Army; "The Perfumed Garden" by Sir Richard Burton, which reads like a Victorian Joy of Sex; tantalizing extracts from Dracula by Bram Stoker, and more.

After The Victorians

Author : A.N. Wilson
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When this book begins, in the reign of Edward VII, Great Britain commands the mightiest empire the world has ever seen. By the time it ends, with the Coronation of Elizabeth II, Britain has emerged victorious from a world war, but ruined as a world power. How did Britain's power and influence decline? This is one of the questions which A. N. Wilson seeks to answer in his masterly follow-up to The Victorians.

Victorian Perspectives

Author :
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Victorian Periodicals Review

Author :
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Victorian Totalities

Author : Maria Su Wang
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Author : Émile Zola
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Germinal (1885) is the thirteenth in Émile Zola's cycle of twenty novels about the Rougon-Macquart dynasty. It tells the story of Étienne Lantier, from the illegitimate Macquart branch of the family, who arrives in the mining settlement of Montsou, and witnesses at first hand the appalling conditions in which miners live and work.Gradually becoming embroiled in a bitter dispute between the miners and their employers, he eventually leads the strike which is the centrepiece of the novel. But this is more than the struggle of labour against capital. It is also the struggle of the hungry against the well-fed, against the passivity and resignation passed down over generations of starving people, and ultimately against hunger itself, represented by the fantastical devouring monster of the mine, which swallows up men, just as the beast of the modern industrial economy relentlessly swallows up capital. This apparent pessimism about society is offset by the possibility of rebirth and regeneration. For all the inherited misery of the downtrodden, the old order may some day be overturned.

Victorian Literature and Culture

Author : John Maynard
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Victorian Science and Victorian Values

Author : James G. Paradis
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Zola and the Bourgeoisie

Author : Brian Nelson
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The unsentimental but sympathetic portrayal of the working class in such novels as Germinal and L'Assommoir confirmed Zola's social and political interests, but as Brian Nelson points out in this study, Zola was also a great chronicler of the middle class. Nelson delineates the salient features of Zola's depiction of the middle class and identifies its value-structure. He then relates Zola's conception of the bourgeoisie to the general context of his social vision, and finally appraises the specifically literary qualities of four novels carefully chosen for extended analysis.

The Flood

Author : Émile Zola
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A wonderful collection of three surreal stories from French master Émile Zola given a fresh new translation Sixty-two-year-old Louis Roubieu sees his family's long-awaited prosperity as a reward rained upon him by God for years of arduous toil on the land. Yet it is the very abundance of God's rain, initially observed from the window of their imposing farmhouse, which comes to pose a dire threat to not merely their livelihood but their very lives. Along with the complementary stories presented here, the celebrated ""Blood"" and ""Three Wars, "" this is a d.

Realism and Romance in the Late Victorian Period

Author : John E. McCluskey
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