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Zwischen Amnesie und Nostalgie

Author : Ulf Brunnbauer
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Vom alten Norden zum neuen Europa

Author : Jan Hecker-Stampehl
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Hauptbeschreibung An dieser Festschrift zu Ehren Bernd Henningsens, des Vorreiters der politik- und kulturwissenschaftlichen Nordeuropaforschung in Deutschland und langjnhrigen Direktors des Nordeuropa-Instituts an der Humboldt-Universitnt zu Berlin, haben 25 Kollegen, Weggefnhrten und Schler aus sieben Lnndern mitgewirkt. Die vertretenen Aufsntze greifen Facetten von Henningsens Interessen und Fragestellungen in den Feldern politischer Kultur, Geschichtspolitik und Wissenschaftsorganisation auf und demonstrieren anhand von Beispielen aus den skandinavischen Lnndern und den anderen Ostseeanrainern deren anhaltende Relevanz. Der reprnsentativ gestaltete Band wird von einer Vita Henningsens und einem Schriftenverzeichnis abgerundet"

Migration B rokratie Alltag

Author : Arbeitskreis Ethnologie und Migration
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Baltic Socialism Remembered

Author : Ene Kõresaar
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What does it mean to tell a life story? How is one’s memory of communism shaped by family, profession, generation and religion? Do post-communist Baltic states embrace similar memories? The Baltic states represent not only a geographical but also a mnemonic region. The mental maps of people who live on this territory are shaped by memories of Soviet socialism. Baltic Socialism Remembered captures the workings of the memory of diverse groups of people who inhabit the region: teachers, officials, young people, women, believers. It comes as no surprise that their memories do not overlap, but often contradict to other groups and to official narratives. Baltic Socialism Remembered is a rare attempt to engage with the mnemonic worlds of social groups and individuals rather than with memory politics and monumental history. The contributors try to chart unpredictable ways in which public and national memory affect individual memory, and vice versa. Understanding complexity and diversity of memory workings in such compact region as the Baltic states will enable a more nuanced policy-making. This book was originally published as a special issue of Journal of Baltic Studies.

Balkan Memories

Author : Tanja Zimmermann
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This book gives an insight into the media constructions of historical remembrance reflecting transnational, national or nationalistic forms of politics. Authors from post-Yugoslavia and neighbouring countries focus on the diverse transnational (such as Austro-Hungarian, Yugoslav etc.) and national (such as Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian etc.) memory cultures in South-Eastern Europe, their interference and rivalry. They examine constructions of memory in different media from the 19th century to recent wars. These include longue durée images, breaks and gaps, selection and suppression, traumatic events and the loss of memory, nostalgia, false memory, reactivation, rituals and traces of memory.

Youth and Memory in Europe

Author : Félix Krawatzek
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This volume contends that young individuals across Europe relate to their country’s history in complex and often ambivalent ways. It pays attention to how both formal education and broader culture communicate ideas about the past, and how young people respond to these ideas. The studies collected in this volume show that such ideas about the past are central to the formation of the group identities of nations, social movements, or religious groups. Young people express received historical narratives in new, potentially subversive, ways. As young people tend to be more mobile and ready to interrogate their own roots than later generations, they selectively privilege certain aspects of their identities and their identification with their family or nation while neglecting others. This collection aims to correct the popular misperception that young people are indifferent towards history and prove instead that historical narratives are constitutive to their individual identities and their sense of belonging to something broader than themselves.

The Changing Place of Europe in Global Memory Cultures

Author : Christina Kraenzle
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This book investigates the transnational dimensions of European cultural memory and how it contributes to the construction of new non-, supra, and post-national, but also national, memory narratives. The volume considers how these narratives circulate not only within Europe, but also through global interactions with other locations. The Changing Place of Europe in Global Memory Cultures responds to recent academic calls to break with methodological nationalism in memory studies. Taking European memory as a case study, the book offers new empirical and theoretical insights into the transnational dimensions of cultural memory, without losing sight of the continued relevance of the nation. The articles critically examine the ways in which various individuals, organizations, institutions, and works of art are mobilizing future-oriented memories of Europe to construct new memory narratives. Taking into account the heterogeneity and transnational locations of commemorative groups, the multidirectionality of acts of remembrance, and a variety of commemorative media such as museums, film, photography, and literature, the volume not only investigates how memory discourses circulate within Europe, but also how they are being transferred, translated, or transformed through global interactions beyond the European continent.

Memory Archipelago of the Communist Past

Author : Daniela Koleva
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This book looks at the memory of the communist past in Central and Eastern Europe, with a particular focus on Bulgaria: its “official” memory, constructed by institutions, its public memory, molded by media, rituals, books and films and the urban environment, and the everyday or ‘vernacular’ memory. It investigates how the recent past is remembered and the circumstances upon which this memory is conditioned - how is communism/socialism construed as a public recollection? Do these processes differ in the distinct post-communist countries? The book’s first part traces the institutional and political dimensions of coping with the communist past and the second part concentrates on personal reminiscences and vernacular memory. The book will be of interest for researchers and students in the fields of memory studies, Central and East European studies, oral history and contemporary history, as well as for specialists at institutions of memory and memory activists and organisations.

Ageing Ritual and Social Change

Author : Daniela Koleva
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Exploring European changes in religious and secular beliefs and practices related to life passages, this book provides a deeper understanding of the impacts of social change on personal identity and adjustment across the life course, According to latest research, Europeans who consider religious services appropriate to mark life passages significantly outnumber those who declare themselves as believers. Drawing on fascinating oral histories of older people's memories in both Eastern and Western Europe, this book presents illuminating views on peoples' quests for existential meaning in later life. Ageing, Ritual and Social Change presents an invaluable resource for all those exploring issues of ageing, including those looking from perspectives of sociology and psychology of religion, social and oral history and East-Central European studies.

The Impact of History

Author : Pedro Ramos Pinto
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Driven by the increasing importance of discussions around 'impact' and its meaning and implications for history, The Impact of History? brings together established and new voices to raise relevant questions, issues and controversies for debate. The chapters are articulated around the themes of public history, the politics of history, the role of history in the shaping of learning and the situation of history in the changing world of education. While this subject is driven differently by the research bodies and councils of different countries, similar debates about the value and place of the academy in society are taking place in the UK, the USA and Europe as well as in other parts of the world. Chapters cover diverse areas of history from this perspective including: public history national histories new technologies and the natural sciences campaigning histories the impact agenda. This collection is a political and intellectual intervention at a time when scholars and readers of history are being asked to explain why history matters and it seeks to intervene in the debates on ‘impact’, on education and on the role of the past in the shaping of our future. Bringing together leading authors from a wide range of fields, The Impact of History? is an accessible and engaging yet polemical and thought-provoking overview of the role of history in contemporary society.