Toledot Yeshu in Context

Author : Daniel Barbu
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The object of this volume is to consider this narrative as an object of history, to question its transmission, reception and function within the various historical settings in which it circulated, and seek to understand its meaning for both ...

A Historical Approach to Casuistry

Author : Carlo Ginzburg
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Ballone , Angela , “ Contextualising the Papal Censure of the Disputationes de
Indiarum iure (1642): The Consultores of the ... Barbu , Daniel and Yaacov
Deutsch , “ Toledot Yeshu in Context: Introduction ,” in Toledot Yeshu in Context:
Jewish ...

Toledot Yeshu The Life Story of Jesus

Author : Michael Meerson
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Bakhos, Carol/Shayegan, Rahim (Ed.): The Talmud in Its Iranian Context. 2010.
Vol. 135. Baumgarten, Albert: Elias Bickerman as a Historian of the Jews. 2010.
Vol. 131. Becker, A. H., and A.Y. Reed (Ed.): The Ways that Never Parted. 2003.

Feeling Exclusion

Author : Giovanni Tarantino
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... indeed, Toledot Yeshu had a formidable emotional impact in certain contexts
both for Christian readers, who insisted that this ... Christian converts from
Judaism played a central role in that context as cultural intermediaries, seeking to
gain ...

New Testament Apocrypha v1

Author : Burke & Landau
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9 Literary Context The relationship of the Toledot Yeshu with early Christian texts
is fascinating and largely unexplored. The image of Jehudah and his garden, or
Jehudah the gardener, recalls Mary Magdalene's mistaken identification of the ...

Jesus Outside the New Testament

Author : Robert Van Voorst
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While it reflects traces of Jewish polemic against Christians at that time , its main
use in the rabbinic writings was , no doubt , to remind Jews why Jesus was a
deceitful apostate and why his followers were still in error . The Toledot Yeshu :
How ...

The Religious Study of Judaism Context text circumstance

Author : Jacob Neusner
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It would also not be surprising if the folk , oral tradition , which was later
embellished and codified as the Toledot Yeshu , also had its start in these
circumstances . If Jews were to accept the Christian account of the virgin birth or
the resurrection ...

Philo s Portrayal of Moses in the Context of Ancient Judaism

Author : Louis H. Feldman
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In a passage reminiscent of the way in which Jesus , according to the Toledot
Yeshu ( see Krauss 1902 ) , managed to perform miracles , the Pharaoh wrote
the name on a tablet . The Pharaoh told Moses to perform some sign for him ...

Approaches to Ancient Judaism Text as context in early rabbinic literature

Author : William Scott Green
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But they disbelieve, equally, similar attributions by the apocryphal Gospels,
Toledot Yeshu, the Fourth Gospel, and the ... with reference to first-century figures
, while they do not take at face value attributions even of the Synoptics to Jesus.

The Three Rings

Author : Barbara Roggema
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Schwarzbaum ignores the context of this specific story , from which it primarily
derives its meaning . The context of the story of Jesus , Peter and Judas is an anti
- Christian Jewish polemical work , the medieval Toledot Jeshu . In this specific ...

Minhah Le Nahum

Author : Marc Zvi Brettler
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The words mino rob are not comprehensible and, while the word map makes
some sense in the context, it is not easy to see how Wagenseil arrived at & cecidit
lapis ... There is a problem in the pagination of Toledot Yeshu in Wagenseil's

The Dialogue of Christians and Jews

Author : Herman Peter Schneider
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But read apart from its historical context , it is an appalling and degrading account
of Jesus and as such , beyond defence . When , in fact , we ... Toldot Yeshu are
quoted out of context so that the underlying irritants are not exposed . Besides all