Peace Behind Bars

Author : John Dear
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Jesus takes the man by the arm and leads him out of town ; through a series of actions , Jesus restores the man's sight completely . The story thus presents the different stages which the disciples go through before they receive vision ...

Girls Behind Bars

Author : Suniti Sharma
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deconstruction of received forms of knowledge to reread the values and purpose of the Enlightenment vision and its humanist framework. The Enlightenment vision emphasized freedom, individuality, and rationality.

Public Health Behind Bars

Author : Robert B. Greifinger
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Vision—Are you blind or do you have serious difficulty seeing even when wearing glasses? Ambulatory—Do you have serious difficulty walking or climbing stairs?”); chronic condition and age 65+ (Carson, 2015 app.

Leading Through Conflict

Author : Mark Gerzon
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A man who takes away [ another ] man's freedom is a prisoner of ha- tred , and is locked behind the bars of his prejudice ... that was my mission : to liberate the oppressed and the oppressor both.2 Mandela's vision shifted from being a ...

Shakespeare and Political Theatre in Practice

Author : Andrew James Hartley
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Vision Statement Shakespeare Behind Bars was founded on the beliefs that all human beings are inherently good, and that although convicted criminals have committed heinous crimes against other human beings, this inherent goodness still ...

The Word Behind Bars and the Paradox of Exile

Author : Kofi Anyidoho
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Va- lidity of vision , poetic or otherwise , will not solely depend upon the location - be it London , New York , or Paris - of the poet , but upon the authenticity of vision , inspired and determined by rela- tive and particular truths ...

Mehera Meher

Author : David Fenster
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Then Lakshmi showed her a vision of men behind bars and said, “The men of the world are giants, kept behind bars. Never trust them. I am showing you this to warn you. Be careful, and always remember your promise to ...

Leading Organizations

Author : Gill Robinson Hickman
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Itwasdesigned that way on purpose:to block Mandela's vision. As it turned out,however,Mandela's vision was clear.It washisguardswhosevisionwasimpaired.Duringhisquar- ter century behind bars,Mandela learnedto see the future clearly.

Going Within

Author : Vanessa Albright
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Oen, I wondered if the crying woman was related to the vision I'd had of myself behind bars. As I mentioned earlier, my guide showed me a vision of how I really think of myself. e picture was of a sad, dingy woman behind bars.

Choosing Correctional Options That Work

Author : Alan T. Harland
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Putting bad people away behind walls and bars is a vision with wide appeal. Our inability to create and sell a different, credible, and powerful vision of criminal justice is the greatest obstacle in the United States to developing a ...